Co-Working space creating a STEM career pipeline for youth.

Parents benefit from greater peace of mind while at work knowing that their child is in a supportive and enriching environment when the school day ends. At TechCo Savvy we offer a 6 pillar program that support students over the course of 6 weeks through hands-on, project or inquiry-based lessons, sequenced and integrated in a way that allows youth to build on previous knowledge and their own experiences, and make connections to potential careers.


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) saturate the modern world. Education, employment, nutrition, transportation, information, health, and many other facets of modern life are constantly changing as STEM knowledge steadily accumulates. Yet STEM education in the United States, despite the importance of these subjects, is consistently falling short. For decades, efforts to improve STEM education have focused largely on the formal education system, but students do not learn about STEM subjects just in school. In fact, much STEM learning occurs as a result of what is learned out of school—in organized activities such as after-school and summer programs, from what is observed on television and online, during social interactions, and visits to institutions like museums and zoos.

In their July, 2014 report, the AfterschoolAlliance overviews some of the recent research findings about the importance of after-school and other out-of-school time experiences for STEM learning and analyzes evaluation data from a selection of strong after-school STEM programs. Several themes emerged in the analysis:

  1. After-school STEM programs are successful in engaging and retaining large numbers of students from diverse populations.
  2. Young people in these programs express curiosity and interest in STEM subjects, in ways that extended that interest in school and out of school.
  3. As they participate, young people gain real skills and the ability to productively engage in STEM processes of investigation.
  4. Youth learn essential STEM-relevant life and career skills.
  5. Participants come to understand the value of STEM in contributing to society and solving global and local problems.  They begin to see how STEM intimately connects to their everyday lives.
  6. Youth display an increased awareness of career options, as well as a nuanced understanding of those careers.
  7. After-school STEM programs can have an impact on academic performance.

Computer Programming 

Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and this website – they’re all made with code.  Coding take all your critical thinking skills you learned and ties them into one practice.  

Computer Literacy

In a world driven by information technology, computer literacy is critical. A technology gap – or digital divide – between the rich and the poor prevents many individuals in low-income communities from having access to computers. This means that those living in poverty cannot access online education opportunities or critical information searchable on the Internet, and are unable to obtain jobs that require even the most basic computer skills.

Providing communities with access to computers and information technology is the first step to breaking the digital divide. The second step is providing instruction that enables community members to learn how to use new technology effectively to seek information or produce their own content.

Techco Savvy’s Computer Literacy Program employs both of these strategies to ensure that our students and communities are not left behind by the information revolution. We

  • Provide students and community members with increased access to computers and information technology.
  • Facilitate access to digital information while enabling effective analysis of the credibility and reliability of online sources.
  • Teach skills necessary to create new content for school, work, or personal use through the Internet, Microsoft Office, and other computer applications

Financial Literacy

Did you know that

  • 2 out of 3 high school seniors graduate without knowing the basics of budgeting?
  • 18 to 24 year olds are the fastest growing age group filing for bankruptcy?

The struggles of the economy have put heavy emphasis on the importance of educating today’s youth towards preparing for a secure financial future. By establishing an understanding of basic financial fundamentals and how to make smart monetary choices, we can ensure that the children and young adults of today have the tools for success to achieve a stable economic tomorrow.

Techco Savvy is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and expanding educational opportunities for today’s youth towards financial responsibility. Our program will enhance their understanding of key financial principles and provide the materials necessary to present a lasting education which they will carry with them throughout their lifetime.


The supportive, healthy relationships formed between mentors and mentees are both immediate and long-term and contribute to a host of benefits for mentors and mentees.

Youth who have mentors have

  • Increased high school graduation rates
  • Lower high school dropout rates
  • Healthier relationships and lifestyle choices
  • Better attitude about school
  • Higher college enrollment rates and higher educational aspirations
  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved behavior, both at home and at school
  • Stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Decreased likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use

(MENTOR, 2009; Cavell, DuBois, Karcher, Keller, & Rhodes, 2009)

At Techco Savvy, participants are grouped with a mentor that follows them throughout high school and college. The program also allows for graduated participants to return and serve as mentors—imparting their knowledge and experiences as a way to give back to their community.

Career Development

Finding a job can be a challenge for youth. They must determine what careers are available, what their interests are, and what skills they have or need to develop.

Techco Savvy naturally lends itself to guiding participants through career development and attainment through the 6 pillars. What makes our program effective is that along with teaching participants invaluable skills, we offer individualized career coaching and opportunities for apprenticeships/internships through our board of directors, staff, and affiliates so that students can put what they have learned into practice.

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